NCL Cement Putties

India’s finest wallcare putty is now at perambalur, now you can buy NCL Cement Putties at perambalur at best price, we Sri Sai Tiles are now official Putty distributor of NCL Buildtek in perambalur.

Get a flat and ultra-smooth, water resistant finish that does not flake off. These are called Skim Coat and have excellent blade run and workability. It does well in both interior and exterior application. Superior Swedish technology enhances the workability of the putty and gives it more coverage for to primer and paint.

Available in White Fine  & Grey Coarse Grades:

NCL White Cement Putty -1127
is white cement based very smooth white finishing puttty for direct application over masonry walls/ ceilings.

Description :
NCL White Cement Putty- 1127 is white cement based, polymer modified dry mix putty, specially made to work on levelled, cement sponge finished interior and exterior surfaces.
NCL White Cement Putty  – 1127 can easily be mixed manually or by machine at site. Only specified quantity of potable water needs to be added at site and follow simple mixing procedure to get a uniform paste.
NCL White Cement Putty – 1127 has excellent blade run and workability.

Composition : NCL White Cement Putty – 1127 is factory premixed dry powder mix consisting of white cement, finely selected and sieved sand, polymer and other fine aggregates to facilitate surface adhesion, workability and surface smoothness.

ncl 1127

NCL White Cement Putty - 1127

White cement based, dry wall care putty consisting of high quality polymers and other fine aggregates to facilitate surface adhesion, workability and surface smoothness. For direct application over levelled cement, sponge finished exterior and interior surfaces Has excellent blade run and workability

ncl grey 1145

NCL Grey Coarse - 1145

A grey cement based polymer modified dry mix coarse material for direct application over uneven plastered brick walls/concrete surfaces in interior and exterior Can be levelled with long box profile for better levelling For smooth finish, ncl Skim coat Fine -1127 can be applied over NCL Skim coat Grey Coarse